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Kathe Kollwitz Study by hrhowling Kathe Kollwitz Study :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 4 0 Sketch - A Skeleton Named Wilbur by hrhowling Sketch - A Skeleton Named Wilbur :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 0 0 Cavern Harbour - Concept by hrhowling Cavern Harbour - Concept :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 1 0 Sketch - Tola by hrhowling Sketch - Tola :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 1 2 Midnight Sketch by hrhowling Midnight Sketch :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 1 0
A New Code - Prologue
Luminescent gold eyes glinted from beneath blood-red locks, taunting Sam relentlessly. A little annoyed, but no less eager to follow, he jogged after the stranger and into the woods, hoping to find something interesting.
“Where’re you going?” he called.
The eyes just flashed tauntingly and retreated a little further. Sam scowled in annoyance and followed. He just kept jogging after this mysterious stranger until he found himself in an empty clearing. They eyes were gone.
“Where’d you go?” he asked. “Hey, don’t leave me here by myself!”
“I’m right here.”
Sam barely had time to react before a blood-red shape grabbed him from behind. Gold eyes with slit-shaped pupils glared at him from a ragged, crimson mane and black claws gripped at his neck. He was forced to the ground, and a large paw sporting talons rested painfully above his gut.
“Wh-what the-?” he choked.
:iconhrhowling:hrhowling 2 1
It's Okay. I'm Different Too
Your eyes.
Those orbs of unbroken colour. I look at them, I see them, but they are all I see. I cannot see past those impenetrable depths. People say to look at the face, but the face is a mask that many paint with lies to hide behind. Are you a liar? Are you… are you like me? Can you see the piece that doesn’t seem to fit into the puzzle? Are you the same?
Please tell me. I have to know.
I’ve seen the stories of many people who share my predicament. Some can’t cope, and fade away into nothing, leaving me fearing for my own fate and mind. Will the world bring me to my knees too?
Unlike some, I cannot see those who are not like the rest of the world. I could spend years in the presence of someone like me and not realise it.
I wish I could see. I wish I could see the ones like me and walk up to them, a peace offering in hand and say ‘it’s okay.’
Because I’m different, too.
:iconhrhowling:hrhowling 1 1
Pony Pastas - Part 1 - Page 3 by hrhowling Pony Pastas - Part 1 - Page 3 :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 5 4 Pony Pastas - Part 1 - Page 2 by hrhowling Pony Pastas - Part 1 - Page 2 :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 5 9 Pony Pastas - Part 1 - Page 1 by hrhowling Pony Pastas - Part 1 - Page 1 :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 6 2 Pony Pastas - Part 1 Cover by hrhowling Pony Pastas - Part 1 Cover :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 11 4 Pony Pastas - Cover by hrhowling Pony Pastas - Cover :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 7 2 Pony Pastas - Wolf in the City (Part 3) - Cover by hrhowling Pony Pastas - Wolf in the City (Part 3) - Cover :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 2 3 SCREW CORRECT ANATOMY! XD by hrhowling SCREW CORRECT ANATOMY! XD :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 1 1 Practise #1 by hrhowling Practise #1 :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 3 3 More Melly Sketches by hrhowling More Melly Sketches :iconhrhowling:hrhowling 0 1


ocean bulbs by mano-k ocean bulbs :iconmano-k:mano-k 443 8 Forest Guardian by AndWhatArt Forest Guardian :iconandwhatart:AndWhatArt 248 5 OwIishious 2 of 2 by Akonis OwIishious 2 of 2 :iconakonis:Akonis 285 35 It would grow rapidly if provided sustenance by MrZarono It would grow rapidly if provided sustenance :iconmrzarono:MrZarono 222 22 Crisp by Kostandina Crisp :iconkostandina:Kostandina 237 21 Palette Request: China Sorrows by feenixfirez Palette Request: China Sorrows :iconfeenixfirez:feenixfirez 15 0 Tumblr Palette Challenge: SorrowScorn by feenixfirez Tumblr Palette Challenge: SorrowScorn :iconfeenixfirez:feenixfirez 12 0 The Day Guard by Lopoddity The Day Guard :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,677 160 He Sparkles.  Just lol. by TheVooDooFish He Sparkles. Just lol. :iconthevoodoofish:TheVooDooFish 456 409 Skulduggery Pleasant - White Tie by jameson9101322 Skulduggery Pleasant - White Tie :iconjameson9101322:jameson9101322 224 18 Skulduggery Pleasant Vampire by Corey-H Skulduggery Pleasant Vampire :iconcorey-h:Corey-H 143 75 The Darkness inside Ourselves-SkulduggeryPleasant by SpazMuse The Darkness inside Ourselves-SkulduggeryPleasant :iconspazmuse:SpazMuse 58 27 Skulduggery Pleasant Nicecatch by jameson9101322 Skulduggery Pleasant Nicecatch :iconjameson9101322:jameson9101322 71 5 Skulduggery Pleasant - Water by jameson9101322 Skulduggery Pleasant - Water :iconjameson9101322:jameson9101322 70 13 Long haired Credence by CaptBexx Long haired Credence :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 371 14 Credence by CaptBexx Credence :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 340 9
Random art that I like. If you don't like it, go away


hrhowling's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United Kingdom
I study art at college and like to write stuff. My interests vary, I'm multifandom trash, I'm bad with words, and communicating with people is not my strong suit.

Asexual stamp by pulsebomb Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Undertale by sapphiix I Love Writing Stamp by Mirz123 Sleep is Overrated Stamp by Mirz123
Hey everyone. I'm back on deviantArt. If any of my old watchers are still here, then thanks for sticking around, I'm sorry I turned out to be such a flump.

Things are going to change here slightly. I'm probably not going to be as active as I once was, but I'll certainly be putting up stuff from time to time.

The content I'm going to produce is going to change as well, at least for now. Pony Pastas is no longer going to be continued, and I'm dreadfully sorry for that. I may or may not go back to it, but it's really uncertain as of now. My old CreepyPasta fic is definitely being discontinued, but a re-write might be in the works, because the main character, Ruth, got a major overhaul, so I might try doing another fic for her to develop her some more.

A bunch more fandoms are going to be thrown into the mix. Since I last came onto this site, I've accumulated a number of interests, which I know may be a little annoying to some people, but really, I'm not fussed by that.

I also want to start focusing more on my original stuff. I'm taking Art & Design in college, so that'll be fun, and my plans for the future are to publish my own stories, so I might put up a few things here and there. Mostly drawings or character info.

Anyway, that's all I have to say, really. Not sure if anyone's still listening, but if you are, then thanks. If you want to talk at all, just send a note my way.



Kathe Kollwitz Study
Study of 'Death Snatching a Woman' by Käthe Kollwitz done in willow and compressed charcoal.
Sketch - A Skeleton Named Wilbur
Another character of mine. Different story to Tola, but set in the same universe. He's a gardener at a school.
Cavern Harbour - Concept
I drew this about a year ago, mostly it of boredom. The concept is that a harbour and market was built out of a cavern in a cliff. Eventually it evolved into Æbrott Harbour, a location in one of my stories set in the far North.

I might redraw this someday, and polish it off.
Sketch - Tola
Just a quick sketch of a character of mine. Their name is Tola and they're a security guard at a museum. They're from a story that I'm writing, might put up more stuff about them as time goes on.

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